Process Automation
for extra time saving & no more copy-paste generic emails

Big Data Processing
reducing time with finding the right data from multiple suppliers at one place

Intelligent Search
let your users find the perfect vacations at one place in just a few seconds

Online Presence
be visible globally and reach more leads

Your Personal IT Partner
no extra costs for infrastructure maintenance

choose the right module that suits your needs

reach wider audience and easily communicate with your foreign partners

Tailored to your branding
personalized online office for your travel agency
“The support team is really great, with high responsiveness and willingness to help. They are really kind, and they always want to resolve any problem quickly and accurately. In our field it is very important, that we have their support even during the holidays, since our sales are at its highest, and that presents no problems with them.”
Urša Knaus Executive Director of Marketing Travel agency Palma
“BookinIT is very easy to use and it actually takes us much less time to publish content and images than our previous system. BookinIT enables us to give our sales partners our product offers through all possible links (B2B portal, iFrame, Booking API) in five different languages. With the help of BookinIT we have significantly increased our sales, both at home and abroad. We are satisfied at all levels of cooperation.”
Staš Pišek Marketing and Digital Advertising Specialist, Travel agency Palma
Platform overview
BookinIT is a complex and powerful system full of features, but using it is simple.
All the tools you need in one product.

Front Office

Problems with connection across different data sources and showcasing them to your customers? BookinIT provides an overall solution, combining an internet booking engine with a smart search, filters, marketing pushes, offer display, and more all in one place.

Back Office

A complete online infrastructure and a flexible system for big enterprises or small travel agencies, including a B2B API integration option, booking editor, offer editor, regions and restrictions editor, and more. BookinIT is the central reservation system that connects all the systems you need in a single spot.

Front Office B2B

Modules like search-engine, iFrame integration option, web-engine, booking system and others, make the system a digital factory for travel agencies.
Focus on creating value.

99,9% uptime

A high availability system that enables work without unnecessary interruptions. Plan your brakes only during the necessary maintenance.

Dynamic pricing

Set flexible prices for your offers based on market demands and simply change the prices based on algorithms that take into account competitor pricing in the market.

Fast & Secure

A GDPR compliant, fast, and secure system with those extra steps that help prevent your data from being compromised, for a more effortless and worry free work flow.